At the time of reading this article you will probably be in the middle of the festive period and will be all too aware that Christmas can be a stressful time of year.

There are many factors which can make many of us feel stressed including –


Family and social gatherings

Meeting up with our loved ones can often be a source of stress, especially if there are strained relationships involved. It can also be a painful reminder of loved ones who are no longer with us. The happy memories of Christmas’ gone by can make us yearn for the deceased even more, and possibly feel guilty about celebrating without them.



The cost of Christmas can become a financial nightmare and it is very easy to go over budget, leaving us feeling the pinch in the New Year. 


Pressure to be perfect

We can feel the pressure to have ‘the perfect Christmas’, and there might be a lot of ‘should’s’ involved, such as ‘the house should look perfect”’ or ‘We should all get along together…’. Which can lead to us comparing ourselves to others and focusing on what they have that we don’t.


Alcohol and drugs

If this is something that is already a difficulty for you, the temptation can be even greater at this time of year. Christmas parties and gatherings can mean that it is easier to access drugs and alcohol and there might be added social pressure from others “because it’s Christmas”. Ensure you have extra support around the holidays, whether it is attending support groups such as AA, therapy, or friends and family who understand the difficulties you face.


What Can We Do To Help?

If Christmas has left you feeling stressed and maybe aggravated an existing mental health difficulty at Heswall Hills Counselling Centre our team of friendly and experienced therapists and can help. If you would like support please get in touch.